Spirit Bird

Graphic Design

The Watermill

Circle of water, circle of life

Illustrated in a circle format

The Fox

Extract of "Terre d'asile"

Illustrated children's book

The Village

Extract of "Road to Happiness"

lllustrated book of Indonesia


Gladys is a painter and a potter.

We create a personal typography according to her style. And we use an orange (symbol of creation) circle brush stroke to hold her name.

Nature Photo

Jean-Michel's favorite animal is the Kingfisher represented here.

The logo is created with such simplicity so that it could be dispatched in a tiny scale on pictures.


Opentel aims to provide a safe cloud service.

This is why I used the circle shape to represent safeness and openness.


A Japanese roof and red color as a reminder of asia where the pratice comes from.

As illustrated, verticality opposed to horizontally are very key in the relation between the patient and practitioner.

Business Card

Simple and accurate

Social Media

Content for internet communication


Visual communication to print

One fix price per project

≈ 30€/hour